13 October 2012

Models Own Beetle Juice Nail Polish in Purple Blue Review

The latest addition to my nail polish empire comes from Models Own Beetle Juice collection. Named Purple Blue, this nail polish is absolutely divine! Purple & blue with a pearl like shimmer in natural daylight, the colour of this nail polish varies. In the shadows of my room, with only the rays of my laptop, my nails almost look deep raspberry with golden orange highlights. Magical or what?!

Purchased at £5.00, I think this nail polish is worth every penny as it is distinctive. There’s nothing worse than spending a lot of money on a nail polish that has a cheaper alternative. Looking for something unusual, check out the Beetle Juice collection from Models Own; you’re bound to find something you’ll love!

5 July 2012

Yves Saint Laurent Everlong Waterproof Mascara Review

I’m always on the search for the finest mascara. From reading to watching reviews, as a girl obsessed with eye makeup, finding the perfect mascara is essential as well as a beauty priority. Prior to my latest discovery (or shall I say re-discovery), I was using Rimmel London’s Scandal Eyes. Scandal Eyes has received a lot of poor reviews but it’s a pretty good mascara. It leaves your lashes looking fuller and longer although the result is sometimes clumpy, regardless of your application technique.

I expect nothing but the best and high quality from YSL as the majority of my favourite beauty products are by the brand. When YSL first launched Everlong, I purchased the mascara but rarely used it at the time as I owned several other mascaras. While reading reviews on YSL’s Faux Cils, a lot of people thought Everlong was a better mascara. This surprised me as I had heard as well as read a lot of positive things about Faux Cils.

Several reviews later and after a lot of thought, I decided to purchase Everlong instead (although I do plan to purchase Faux Cils one day).

WOW! Yves Saint Laurent Everlong waterproof mascara is unbelievably amazing! It's definitely my new favourite! The smell is absolutely lovely for a mascara and it left my eyelashes soft which was weird as mascara often leaves lashes hard. After just one coat, my lashes looked longer as well as fuller. Even after the 2nd coat, my lashes looked fuller, longer and clump free! AMAZING!

Sadly, every product has its flaws. This mascara is almost impossible to remove (now that’s what I call waterproof, lol). Although you can hardly feel it on as it's pretty light, it's extremely hard to remove without a good wipe. I would advise using Johnson’s facial cleansing wipes.

Regardless of the flaws, I shall be purchasing this mascara again and I would advise you to do so too! Apologies for the low quality photos again, I am yet to buy a new digital camera.

27 June 2012

Sybil's Random Haul: Cath Kidston Galore

With the last update in early April, I’m back with my 100th blog post! Yes, 100th! Although I find it so hard to believe, I’m pretty proud of myself as I’ve remained committed to something (which I rarely do if I’m being honest). I’ve also completed my first year in university which I am also proud of. Relieved as well as happy, I actually enjoyed it!

Moving on, I would like to introduce a new feature to my blog. Every now and then, I will blog about my hauls (from beauty products to clothes, bits and bobs I’ve purchased). To kick off, Cath Kidston galore! As I failed to find any items of clothing I liked during the ASOS sales, I decided to add to my Cath Kidston collection instead.

Currently sold out on ASOS, a pack of 3 Cath Kidston - Wild Flowers mini hand creams, all for £4! The hand cream is available in three fragrances: Wild Rose, Bluebell and Honeysuckle. Each hand cream is 30ml. The packaging has a vintage essence which is what I love about Cath Kidston. In my opinion, all three of the creams smell slightly similar with Bluebell being my favourite. The consistency of the cream is perfect, leaving your hands feeling smooth as well as smelling divine!

A Cath Kidston small make up bag (including a matching mirror) purchased at £6.00 on ASOS although the site is now listing the bag at £10. Weird! This make up bag is pretty large for something “small”. It’s spacious and holds everything I need. I also love the solid zipper as I’ve lost many make up bags to terrible zippers in the past. A beautiful make up bag of a high quality, it’s definitely designed to last.

Apologies for the low quality photos, I can't find my camera so I used my phone instead. I’m absolutely Cath Kidston and vintage gaga at the moment. I shall be purchasing more Cath Kidston products in the future so watch this space and take care! :) x 

5 April 2012

Thank You

The life of a university student is hectic and jam-packed with coursework as well as life’s unpredictable inconveniences. The last time I updated my blog, I had fewer than 20,000 views. It’s hard to believe I now have 23,799 although I neglected my blog. During the unannounced hiatus, I received several emails of support, advice and general positivity.

Thank you so much! I had no idea so many people actually read what I blog. Amazing! I feel so inspired and I will try my very best to blog as frequent as possible. Thank you again and I hope you all love the new layout/template! Take care. x

19 February 2012

Style Icons: Solange Knowles

Due to other commitments, I’ve decided to put an end to my fashion week fall 2012 RTW collection reviews. I’m currently working on two major projects and both come first. I will continue to blog but only when I can. Sorry! Bad news aside, Style Icon blog posts are back! It’s about time as my last was in November. It’s pretty crazy how fast time goes by. So, who’s my first style icon of 2012…? The stunning Solange Knowles!

There was a time when Solange Knowles was only known as Beyonce’s little sister. Today, she’s a style as well as hair icon! In 2009 she shaved off her permed hair and went natural. All grown out, she looks wonderful. I love it! She has tempted me to start rocking my ‘fro again. I think I may this summer. It’s a nice change from the weaves and permed hair usually rocked by females in the public eye.

From her cool head wraps to her love for African prints (a current obsession of mine), Solange is definitely a trend setter rather than the usual celebrity follower. Let her unique style inspire you!

15 February 2012

Oscar de la Renta (Fall 2012) RTW Collection Review

It’s pretty much the modern day Barbie’s dream wardrobe and I love it! Pastel meets glitz and glamour, a youthful feminine collection with something for every lady. From crystal adorned pieces to extravagant ballroom gowns, what a beautiful collection! Below are photos of my favourite looks from the collection. All photos are from Style.com.

13 February 2012

Zac Posen (Fall 2012) RTW Collection Review

Zac Posen can never do wrong in my books. One of my favourite designers, this collection is even more extraordinary than the last! With a Japanese theme, the diversity among the models was a breath of fresh air and the gowns, wow, just beautiful! Below are photos of my favourite looks from the collection. All photos are from Style.com.

Diane von Furstenberg (Fall 2012) RTW Collection Review

With so much university work to do, there are not enough hours in a day to blog frequently and with precise detail. From now on, my reviews will be short and simple.

It’s not my favourite RTW collection from Diane von Furstenberg but it’s certainly noteworthy! I absolutely loved the arm length leather gloves, asymmetric jumpsuit and the oversized coats. Diane is one of a few designers who design clothes for the lady figure. Below are photos of my favourite looks from the collection. All photos are from Style.com.

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